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Finally, at least I see some light through the tunnel, sequencing results actually looked sensible! (after getting all the XXXXXXXX in the sequences previously)

Hope that I can finish the project in time for the submission and also , to take a well deserved break. Now waiting for time to hit 6pm so that I can do an overnight culture.

Lab has no weekends nor time frames.
Sigh, everything's so stifled in this laboratory where I'm doing my fyp. I hope everything clears by itself over this weekend. New week, new month for a new headstart on things.

So far it's been quite a feat trying to adapt in this lab and stuff. The next month is going to be tougher, coupled with rushing deadlines as well as a stifled relationship with the lab officer which was already awkward to begin with.

Maybe I'm just too awkward myself. I hate to ask questions and ask for directions, for fear that it might be a stupid question and I get a stupid answer in reply.

Sending in a part of my thesis for the supervisor to vet and examine on Monday. Another 1.5 months more and I am literally out of here. I hope things will eventually turn out the way I hope it can be.

Furthermore,I hope D gets his C1 licence soon. It's been hard enough in training and now another hurdle for a licence.

Packing up to head home now.

Jan. 31st, 2010

I guess I really should start blogging again..

gawd 4 more freaking days

to my last exam paper in NTU!

then after that can pang kang liao!!!

NB: pang kang - finish work

twenty two

That's the number of days to the last exam of my life..

Kinda in official panic mode!

Ms Betty Crocker

Sigh, I am really on a baking high. I have been baking cakes and cookies ! :)

Tonight was chocochip cookies, perfect with a cup of low fat milk for supper :)

Naterrible Day.

Horrble National Day for me.
First, there was this termite infestation going on in my kitchen. I had to remove everything from the cupboards, spray the insecticide until it was literally suicidal, cleaned and vacuumed like crazy and now my kitchen resembles someone who is a pyschopath. My food items are placed in those large plastic tupperware boxes and placed in the cupboards to prevent any insects from getting in there. I threw away a ton of food too, Darn.

Second, the boy's mom was nice enough to make soy braised chicken for me with the eggs. She packed it for me to bring it back. When on the way to fetch mom, I smelled that the sauce was getting stronger and stronger. I opened the back of the car door and knew it - the sauce dripped all over the car mat. Now it's a complete mess. I had to throw away the eggs and bring the mats up to wash them manually. Tomorrow I have to send the car to a professional car cleaning service , coz I'm afraid of insects getting attracted to food in the car.

Things to do tomorrow :
1. Bake my Banana cake!
2. send car to cleaner's
3. Pack stuff into the new plastic containers I just bought

Long day, signing off on a frustrated and pent up note.

the day before Orientation Camp starts

Phew, so much planning, making, meetings and also shopping ( i think it's pretty tiring to shop to purchase items for events) , it's the day before Freshmen Orientation Camp starts! Nope, I'm not the participant but part of the programmer crew. I somehow wish that I was the participant but i think after reading thru all the briefing sheets for the games, part of me was glad that I am actually done with being a freshman.

I had to make trips to and fro from the Carpark at my house area to dump things which were needed for the frightnight and day games stuff. Fright night is a massive event and tons of crap are needed. Sigh, i just hope all goes well i think. Packed 5 sets of clothing which are colour coded since the crew wanted us to wear a similar colour for easy identification.

All in all, it;s like going to book into camp for the first time (think National Service). Mum said for the next 4 days she will be freaking bored . I hope I don't KO by the 2nd day. The schedule seems overwhelming....

I will try to post pics of Fright Night LOL, i think that should be the part which is worth phototaking since everyone's going to be in their own costumes and stuff.

Haha, i will post a completely maddening pic of me and my partner in crime in the loo for seniors camp .. i hope she doesnt kill me for posting this!!!

hahaha makeup just done by yours truly with some help from an online tutorial.

K take care everyone!!

going away

going away to the land of dimsum and Crystal Jade dishes :D, HK!!